Spirit of the Universe

Adar 24, year 5777: Yesterday morning, the admin of a Jewish-anarchist collective on Facebook posted the kabbalat shabbat siddur for our group, in which the blessings began with “Baruch atah Adonai, Eloheinu Ruach ha’olam”. Where the word Melech (King) would have been, Ruach (Spirit) was there in it’s place. Instead of implying that Hashem is a gendered and hierarchical power, they are rather a unifying force in the universe and completely non-gendered in this wording. It really brightened my day to see the blessing modified in that way.

In addition, I have great news. I will finally meet one-on-one with my rabbi next week! We don’t know each other very well, and I’m not sure what to say other than, ‘I want to be a Jew’. Of course, he will ask me why, and in some ways, I don’t have an answer to that question. In other ways, I could talk about why for hours. I’m hoping that I will find a way to condense my feelings into a few choices sentences before next Wednesday.

I also obtained a copy of Essential Judaism by George Robinson today. The updated version, which was released in 2016, contains information about LGBTQ issues and other contemporary issues, which is of special importance to me. I read the sections on transgender Jews and Jewish converts while still in the bookstore and was delighted to see that the explanations were thorough and respectful. I’m very excited to read more.

Anyway, I’m off to bed now. May Hashem bless you with security and rest.


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