Bathed In The Golden Glow

Shabbat shalom!

This morning, I went to Torah study at the synagogue. We read a Chassidic commentary on Purim, and how it is important to get so drunk that one blurs the lines between blessed/cursed, good/bad, spiritual/physical, etc. To avoid idolizing or demonize someone, we humanize them instead. To wrestle with our pain and our happiness, we find contentment in realizing that they are the same. To feel close or far from Hashem is to be in Their presence at all times anyway.

Then, we did kiddush and motzi, and I introduced myself to a lot of new people. The camaraderie was excellent. I’m not sure what to wear yet to the Purim party on Saturday night, but I’m very excited.

Even though going to synagogue alone makes me feel young, the congregation is like a calm river, passing me from wave to wave, helping me further along my journey. It’s been a good day.


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